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The Self-Portraiture Experience

As I was getting ready to publish my second book, I felt that it was time to update my author photo. I don't think there's a specific amount of time that requires people to update their photos. This was a personal preference. I had worn a lot more makeup in the previous headshot, and I wanted a more natural look for my new author portrait. At the time, the photography studios were closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The only way I was going to have my picture taken was if I did it myself. I'm not too keen on being in front of the camera, and I haven't done a lot of self-portraits. I don't even take selfies. Taking my own portrait turned out to be my hardest assignment yet.

I had to take a lot of photos before I found one that I felt comfortable using. I'm not completely satisfied with the results, but I also think it's going to take some time to get comfortable with self-portraits. A few years ago, I didn't think it was necessary for me to be comfortable in front of the camera. After all, I'm usually behind the camera. That's part of the appeal of becoming a photographer. However, there have been a lot of situations where I was photographed, and I didn't know how to hold myself in front of the camera. Naturally, my discomfort was apparent in those photos. This challenge has inspired me to do more self-portraits in the future to develop a healthier relationship with the camera and to hopefully help others overcome their fear of being photographed.

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