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Brandy Isadora has always been an artist at heart. An award-winning author and photographer, whose work has been exhibited internationally, Brandy believes that everyone has a story to tell.


As a passionate storyteller, Brandy uses photography and writing to provide people a space to be seen and heard. Her natural desire to explore and learn explodes with photographic energy covering topics that are unusual, timely, challenging, and even sometimes controversial. Whatever the topic she is covering, she loves to display life in a way that reminds us that we're all connected.


Her debut book, Tattle Tales: Tattoo Stories and Portraits, gives her readers a new insight into the people who have chosen to permanently ink their bodies. Through compelling portraits and heartfelt stories, Tattle Tales offers a modern perspective on tattoos.

Before establishing her photography company, Isadora Images, Brandy pursued careers in fashion design and music. During that time in her life, she enjoyed documenting her experiences through photography. After graduating with her Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing at California College of the Arts, she started working as a freelance photojournalist.


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