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Judge Gavel

Be more persuasive by improving your public speaking skills

How it works

Sign up for a Free 30 minute consultation where we will identify your goals.

During our first meeting, I will assist you in organizing your presentation for maximum effect. 

To get the most out of your session, please come prepared with an opening statement and/or closing argument and a list of your critical key points.

Conquer your fears and let your message be heard!


One hour session = $100


Package of three 1 hour sessions = $275

The Key Goals For Public Speaking

  • Confidence

  • Connecting with your audience

  • Let your message be heard

Learn How to

  • Map out your presentation

  • Art of Storytelling

  • Pacing & Rhythm

  • Stage Presence

  • Body Language

  • Eye contact  

  • Enunciation

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