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They stared down dangerous enemies. They scrambled for survival. Will unforeseen changes make them stronger… or ruin them forever?


  • Retired high school teacher Mitch is resigned to his mundane existence. But when he spies a laundromat filling with people late at night, his loneliness turns into obsession. 

  • Harry isn’t afraid to take massive risks. But when his latest money-making scheme goes horribly wrong, can he escape the deadly consequences? 

  • Tesla can’t wait to pick up her mom from the airport. But when the power goes out and the plane never arrives, she’s plunged into a grim new world where poor choices mean death.


Discover eighteen mesmerizing short stories slicing up lives altered by unexpected events and revealing a rollercoaster of emotions! Will Mitch, Harry, Tesla, and fifteen other compelling characters overcome their vulnerabilities and show what it means to be truly alive?


The Stories of Our Lives: A Short Story Collection is a fresh compilation of insightful fiction. If you like unique voices, thought-provoking scenarios, and heart-stopping inner conflicts, then you’ll love Brandy Isadora’s enthralling anthology.


Buy The Stories of Our Lives to revel in the human condition today!

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